Cryptolab was funded in 2014 after the concept formulation of the technology inventor Massimo Bertaccini, who filed several patents to protect CSE core technology (MB09, MB11, MB23, ZK13, RSA Antivirus, see annex for details).

Since 2014, CSE has attracted the interest of several investors (letters of interest from CaliTech, Acantho, OneStepCloud and ITWay), raising a total of 1M€ funds.

As of today, the venture capital Quadrivio SGR is owner of a CryptoLab share (33%).

Soluzioni proposte

CSE is a Search Engine on encrypted data: indeed, it makes possible to browse and search encrypted data (no need to decrypt it beforehand); this is an unique and unprecedented feature that will have a disruptive effect on any market where sensitive dig