"Knowing what makes your Customers happy is no longer guesswork"

appee Project Appee is a simple plug-in for mobile apps (iOS and Android) that allows organizations to publish in-app questionnaires and get istant user feedback. The problem: in the midst of digital revolution, organizations still make decisions in isolation from their customers;

> non-representative and expensive focus groups and market research;
>obtrusive and expensive feedback channels;
>ineffective survey tools;
>unstructured and ambiguous feedback (app-reviews and web open-text feedback);
>non-constructive app-review;
>meaningless app-store rating;
>inefficient “trial and error” approach (Agile late validation/cost of re-work)”.

he solution: appee;

  • The HTML5 plug-in for mobile apps that allows organizations to publish “in-app” questionnaire campaigns;
  • The questionnaire are configurable with Q&A that provide interactive experience on mobile (Yes/No, Multiple Choice, Ranking, NPS, etc);
  • The Q&A format provides actionable results, immediately/no interpretation.
  • Two Australian patent applications and clearance for international patent. Unique values by appee: in-app, unobtrusive, clear call to action (appee glowing tab), synchronous with mobile app user experience, campaigns driven, immediate results/no need for interpretation, unlimited response (SaaS Business Model). Key market segments: all apps Providers and Public/Private organizations investing in mobile apps; Market research companies; Mobile apps Developers/Integrators; Digital Advertising companies.
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Appee believes that companies are spending a lot of money on "big data" but the real challenge for all Public Organizations and Private Companies is to ask the right question to their most important stakeholders - the users. appee allows these questions to be asked without the users ever leaving the app. We had a problem with the way the digital industry in general interacted with their mobile app users.We were frustrated with the "unconstructive" nature of reviews in the app stores, so we decided to build a tool to solve this problem. Companies should think "given we’re in the business of building great apps - who better to help us build our apps than the people we’re building them for?” Beeing a cross-apps tool, appee solution was developped having in mind no specific Administation or Companies: it fits on any app as plug-in module on both Android and iOS mobile devices. Each apps Providers can configure its Questions Campaign based on its own objectives and requirements. With our easy to use configuration interface, create campaigns, publish these to your app at pre.configured dates and times, and view responses in graphical format and in real-time. This real-time access means you’re not just gathering data, you’re gathering insights that can help shape your business.

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