The core goal of our project is to provide communities with a flexible platform that empowers them to support each other in situations of environmental disasters. It allows to match offers and requests of aid in an optimised way, restoring the normal course of life. By providing such platform, we will contribute to the creation of a robust sense of belonging to the community, as well as a stronger sense of autonomy and self­ empowerment. Both are key features, in a crowded world, where it is not always possible to rely on help from the system.

With a small tool, we contribute to motivating people to give their best and support each other. Our goal is not to substitute institutional help, we do not have the ambition to do this. Institutional help mostly takes care of life or health threatening emergencies. We would like our tool to support, for more practical issues, aiming at getting back to normality. Our goal is to assist people and, possibly, institutions, by organizing the genuine and spontaneous strength of the Community.

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The Community SOS core system was developed during the 2014 Senigallia flood inside the facebook project SOS Alluvione Senigallia. Later the international team of this project’s initiators gravitates around the new open innovation centre of the Umeå University - Sliperiet - which provides the perfect platform for such transdisciplinary experience to start and develop. We faced different flooded town administrations in Italy and Sweden (like Genova, Olbia, Ravenna) to understand needs in different municipal contexts.

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