Crypto Searching Engine (CSE)

The First Searching Engine for Encrypted data

CSE is a Search Engine on encrypted data: indeed, it makes possible to browse and search encrypted data (no need to decrypt it beforehand); this is an unique and unprecedented feature that will have a disruptive effect on any market where sensitive digital data is generated, communicated, stored and processed.

With CSE it is possible to use encrypted data (search, browse, manipulate), therefore providing a completely secure management of any kind of data, with particular emphasis on data which is locally produced and remotely stored.

Data management both for institutions and private citizens will witness a change in paradigm: private and secure access to data will eventually be returned to the only legitimate data owners even within distributed/cloud systems: this is a key value for Europe and european citizen, especially considering the fact that the 54% of worldwide data is now held on american data-centers.

Obiettivi, destinatari e contesto: 

CSE is a B2B solution and a B2C solution; target markets are Cloud Providers and IT system integrators but also Public Administrations, Governments, Telco... ; the formers will employ CSE to add a key distinctive feature to their services, ensuring data privacy, integrity and security even when customers access their data in the cloud. Despite the fact that the type of sale is primarily B2B, it is important to point out that the search engine CSE is a key enabling technology that will unleash a totally innovative way of handling digital data, with an inherent and immediate disruptive effect on the B2C markets.

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